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Habit Tracker template for Google Sheets

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Did you find it challenging to acquire new habits? Everyone is struggling at first, but having a good accountability system helps.

This habit tracker is a simple and FREE tool for your Google Sheet to track your new and existing habits. You can track your habits in a Google Docs, and it will automatically count marked days for you.

Or you can print it on A4 paper and put it on your fridge (with magnets) and be sure that your family members will keep you accountable.


After your purchase, you'll receive a PDF with all required information and link to copy your template. In case of improvements in template, those will be always available via this link.


I'm available to answer any questions and happy to receive any feedback.

Please feel free to reach oout on twitter or drop me an email.

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Effective and simple Habit Tracker template for Google Sheets

A4 format
counts days for you
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Habit Tracker template for Google Sheets

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