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Posh TUI

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*Have you ever wanted to have all documentation easily accessible in your console? Searchable and accessible through unified interface? I always looked for something like that. If you share this desire, please read on:

POSH TUI - Console based offline documentation browser for Ruby developers

RTFM ("Read The F*cking Manual")!

Reading documentation has been the most missing step in every developer’s journey.

When you avoid reading the documentation, you’re missing out on understanding the deeper mechanical processes of your code, which may lead to you writing less efficient code. You may skip hours and hours of reading websites and watching videos, just by reading documentation from original creator of library/framework.

Developers hate writing documentation, so if they actually did that, it's probably important. RTFM!

Posh TUI

Here is where Posh comes in.

Imagine, that you'll have documentation from all your libraries and frameworks on a hard-drive—easily accessible and searchable even when internet is not around. Posh could be the tool that transforms you from average developer to Uber developer.

Main responsibility of Posh is to:

  • Store and update developer documentation on your computer
  • Provide enjoyable experience of navigating around documentation (with search as a main driver)
  • Add glamour to reading experience to enhance comprehensibility of documentation

Why should you buy now?

This is still a prototype on my computer, but this is enough for me to be sure that it's doable and I sure I really want to spend time to make this reality. I have never wanted to commit so much to a single project as this one.

In near future, this could be a convenient command console tool, that makes documentation more approachable and easy to access. But imagine, that this could become a gateway for documentation for any library, framework, or hardware that you use, available on any computer through SSH.

Do you want to influence that? Tailor made software just for you? Then buy it now, this is limited to 20 early adopters.

You'll receive first private alpha version then it's ready, read my private bi-weekly updates and drive roadmap to meet your needs. This purchase will ensure that you'll receive a stable release and a lifetime of updates.

This product is focused on developers doing Ruby at first, but later would include Ruby on Rails developers, gradually expanding to other use cases depending on interests of existing users.

In case of any unforeseen circumstances, that could stop me from delivering first stable release of this software, all payments will be fully refunded.

But on a positive note, I have all the means to believe, that there is very little that could stop this project from reaching a stable release. I lived frugally all my life and have very little to no financial obligations, that could stop me from pursuing this project. But namely:

  • I can easily reduce my working hours accomodate 4 days a week schedule
  • I have financial means to focus on this full time for a couple of years
  • Country I reside in, offers financial support to people starting a business
  • There is always an option to seek financial support from outside investors, in a way, if you're paying now, that gives me and investors a good ground to believe that this product is validated.


If you want to reach out and discuss anything—I'll be happy to hear from you.

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Glamorous offline documentation browser for developers that hardly leave console

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Posh TUI

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