Side-Project Budgeting Template for Googe Sheets

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Side-project budgeting tool for people doing multiple side-projects (e.g. "small bets"). Practical, no frills Google Sheets Template that comes with most important metrics and data points that small business should track —bookkeeping, month-by-month breakdown and projections.

Just one-time expense, that give you all the right to modify it as you wish and have as many copies as you require. Template works on any computer or device that supports Google Docs or Google Drive. It's easy to share with your cofounder, print, integrate with other software and etc.

No need for SaaS that cost >$10 a month. Template will pay for itself in a week :) and comes with 3 different sheets.

Record Book sheet

Is used to record all financial transactions in a project, it automatically calculates current project balance. Data from this sheet is being used in Month by month breakdown sheet and Projections sheet.

Projections sheet

This sheet is used to record all your recurring expenses and projects financial forecast based on current balance from Record Book sheet. Once your runaway will be 3 or fewer months, number will turn red, alerting you that something needs to be done to increase it or you should consider scraping this project.

Month by Month breakdown

This sheet is automatically generated based on a data from Record Book sheet and give you a great overview of all expenses done each month.


After your purchase, you'll receive a PDF with all required information and link to copy your template. In case of improvements in template, those will be always available via this link.


I'm available to answer any questions and happy to receive any feedback.

Please feel free to reach out on Twitter or drop me an email.

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Side-project budgeting tool template for people who run multiple micro/small businesses.

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Side-Project Budgeting Template for Googe Sheets

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